Luxardo Antico Vermouth 700ml


Producer: Luxardo

Appellation: Padova, Italy

Alcohol strength: 16.5%


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Antico is Luxardo’s own interpretation of a vermouth. Luxardo marasca cherries are harvested at the beginning of every summer and part of the juice is separated and left to mature until natural fermentation occurs. Neutral alcohol is added to the juice to avoid further fermentation when a certain alcohol by volume is reached and it is then allowed to age in oak vats. The product is then infused with various herbs and spices and at last filtered and bottled at 16,5% ABV. Luxardo Antico is perfect to twist many classic cocktails swapping it for the vermouth, or neat or over ice as an excellent aperitivo.


• Color: clear, deep burgundy red
• Aroma: fruity and spicy, zesty citrus and white petal floral scents.
• Taste: Complex fruity and herbal complexity with white pepper-led spice.
Long, bitter, herbal and lightly spiced finish