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ChillPod Wine Bottle Cooler

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The funky-designed ChillPod will chill your wine faster than a fridge and keep it cool for hours!


An essential accessory to pack for trips to the beach, camping, festivals and other outdoor activities. Taking a cold, crisp bottle of your favorite wine from the fridge is one of life’s great pleasures. And sharing it with friends comes a close second. But how far is your fridge from your terrace or deck?



Cooler boxes are heavy. Gel-filled chiller jackets work well, but they are wet, slippery and too cold to grip. Neoprene bags insulate, but they don’t actively chill, and then there are ice buckets! Wet bottles, peeling labels, cold hands and dripping pours!… there has to be a better way…

Now there is; the Chillpod Wine Chiller! The outstandingly efficient chill packs which are housed inside the Chillpod will chill your wine faster than a fridge – and thermal insulated housing will keep it cool for hours! The Chillpod is designed to accommodate a wide range of standard wine bottle shapes.


Thermal insulated housing

Bottle chilling sleeve

Neoprene jacket

Display stand

 Cover cap

Silicone bottle stopper

Bottle height adjuster