‘Corky’ since 1965


Corky, the first air pressure opener since 1965.




Corky – Swiss Made – First air pressure wine opener

Corky – Made in Switzerland is a unique, modern and high-quality air pressure wine opener that makes uncorking a wine bottle simple and easy.

This high-tech device was developed by Swiss specialists and every aspect of this air pressure uncorker is sophisticated in detail and designed so that it leads to a perfect end result. With the purchase of Corky, you can easily, quickly and safely enjoy the variety of top wines.

What comes in “Corky premium”:

1 Corky air pressure opener

1 Corky foil cutter

2 drop stop

History and Timeline of ‘Corky’

1962 – The Idea
On a beautiful summer evening enjoying a glass of wine with his friends, Franz Tschappu saw the difficulties waiters had uncorking expensive wine bottles with the traditional corkscrew. That evening he came up with the idea to invent a corkscrew that is very easy for anyone to handle. In particular, the tearing and crumbling of the cork in expensive wines should be avoided. This was the spiritual birth of the “CORKY, made in Switzerland”.

1962 – Patent Application
After thorough product development and prototype testing, Franz Tschppu filed his patent for a “pneumatic Entkorkungsgerät”. Two years later the patent was issued to Franz Tschappu.

1965 – Start of Production
In 1965 the company Gisberger & Tschappu (later Girtag AG) located in Glattbrugg, Switzerland began producing and distributing the unique “CORKY, made in Switzerland” worldwide to more than 80 countries.

2007 – Acquisition
After more than 37 years of successful production and worldwide distribution, the owners were ready to retire and pass on the philosophy of “Swiss Made Quality”. Despite several takeover attempts by international and domestic companies in the wine industry, the right successor was found in the person of Franz Oeschger. Since April 2007 his company, “Franz Oeschger, Import – Export”, located in Oberflachs, Switzerland is sole owner of the pneumatic uncorker product “CORKY, made in Switzerland”. To date the existing customers and partners worldwide are supported and supplied with the product quality “CORKY, made in Switzerland” with the usual Swiss reliability. Franz “Oeschger, Import – Export” is a small family owned business located in the small Swiss wine community Oberflachs.