50gm Pearls with Balsamic of Modena


Producer: La Vecchia Dispensa

Region: Modena, Italy


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“La Vecchia Dispensa” (The Old Pantry) was a large wooden cabinet, where years ago we used to keep heavy terracotta jars containing our precious Balsamic Vinegar. Hence the name of our workshop in the picturesque medieval village of Castelvetro di Modena.

Today we invite you to visit this place full of history and tradition, to savor with us the magical atmosphere of a real vinegar factory and taste the Balsamic aged in the ancient scented wooden barrels that have seen it mature for generations.

“La Vecchia Dispensa” is among the oldest factories of Modena, that still produces Balsamic Vinegar according to the ancient tradition. Our collections tell a long family story, handed down with devotion: every product you purchase is unique and unrepeatable, starting with raw materials up to the packaging.

Balsamic Pearls are small soft spheres enclosing fine Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. They look like caviar, but these tiny gems are a true explosion of balsamic taste. They are obtained following the spherification culinary technique, an innovative way to appreciate our wonderful vinegar.

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Food Paring

Salad dressing, seafood, cooked or grilled vegetables, fruit salad, desserts and gelato.