125ml Balsamic Riserva ‘Extra 100’ Centenario


Age: 100 years (multi wood)

Density: 1.37 kg / litre

Producer: La Vecchia Dispensa

Region: Modena, Italy


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“La Vecchia Dispensa” (The Old Pantry) was a large wooden cabinet, where years ago we used to keep heavy terracotta jars containing our precious Balsamic Vinegar. Hence the name of our workshop in the picturesque medieval village of Castelvetro di Modena.

Today we invite you to visit this place full of history and tradition, to savor with us the magical atmosphere of a real vinegar factory and taste the Balsamic aged in the ancient scented wooden barrels that have seen it mature for generations.

“La Vecchia Dispensa” is among the oldest factories of Modena, that still produces Balsamic Vinegar according to the ancient tradition. Our collections tell a long family story, handed down with devotion: every product you purchase is unique and unrepeatable, starting with raw materials up to the packaging.

Riserva “Extra 100”  is our most exclusive product, and it’s coming the oldest sets of barrels still in use in our Acetaia. These sets of barrels called “Batterie” are today hosted inside our Historic Acetaia. Since 1905 the Acetaia La Vecchia Dispensa is run by the same family Pelloni Tintori, and this bottle it’s a selection of glorious old products. Today we have the possibility to enjoy this rare gem of quality, obtained respecting the tradition of the previous generations. Riserva “Extra 100 is a precious vinegar made every year in limited serie. It’s so precious that each bottle deserves the autographed signature of the producer (50 bottles/ year). Keep it with respect!

Ingredients Cooked grape must only.

Density 1.37 kg / litre.

Aging in wooden barrels (multi wood)

Accessories included mouth blown bottle, wooden box, porcelain teaspoon, recipe book.

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Food Paring

Aged cheeses and grilled meat.