Versovino, a decanter by the glass


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Versovino – il Decanter Piccolino

Handmade in Florence, Italy, Versovino decants wine glass-by-glass; as the wine is poured into the Versovino it expands softly and breathes air in the glass sphere, so all the fragrances and flavors in the wine are awakened.

The patented Versovino wine decanting system can be put onto all normal wine bottles so you won’t lose the visual identity of the wine label, bottle form.

Enjoy each glass of to the fullest with ‘Versovino’ Single Glass Decanter. This decanter conveniently slides into the top of the wine bottle with a cork closure. First, slowly fill the glass sphere with the wine of your choice. Then, pour the contents from the sphere to your glass. This double pouring action re-activates the flavours and aromas of the wine, enhancing the taste dramatically. Each decanter has been beautifully aerating as it pours elegantly into your glass.

Versovino serves as a measure of 150ml and it will give you 5 glasses of wine.

Versovino comes in a box beautifully presented and it includes a universal cork adapter for screw cap bottles.

John Hawkesby, wine writer, and Cameron Douglas say, Master Sommelier at AUT School of Hospitality & Tourism say “Versovino makes a significant and very positive difference”

Bob Campbell says,”When using the Versovino, the wine you’ve just poured will be (if red) softer and more evolved, much the same as if it had rested in a decanter for a reasonable amount of time. The wine in the bottle has not been aerated. If you don’t finish the bottle you can stopper it up and it will last considerably longer than if you had poured it from a decanter back into the bottle. It’s a cool idea and adds a little ceremony to the act of wine service. I recommend it.