700ml Meletti Amaro


Producer: Meletti

Region: Piceno, Italy

ABV: 32%

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Meletti Amaro Bitter liqueur with an amber color that stands out for its unique and intense taste, with floral and fruity scents given by the many botanicals and spices it contains. Evolution of ancient family recipes, Amaro Meletti is the product of the careful infusion of carefully selected fruits, aromatic and medicinal herbs from all over the world, characterised by an elegant aftertaste of caramelised sugar and Sibillini saffron.


Additional information

Serving suggestions

Ideal for those who love the authentic and at the same time decisive and intense taste of a amaro with balanced aromas and palate. Digestive to be savoured naturally at the end of a meal, on the rocks , iced, as a coffee correction. Excellent ingredient for cocktails such as M&M, Sharpie Moustache and Sardinian Iced Tea.