700ml Meletti Anisetta


Producer: Meletti

Region: Piceno, Italy

ABV: 34%

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Meletti Anisetta It is the noblest of the classics of the Italian liqueur art, an absolutely natural product. Liqueur that derives from the distillation in a pot still of anise seeds and other aromatic spices that enhance the freshness of the Mediterranean green anise, produced according to the original recipe created in 1870 by Cav. Silvio Meletti. Sweet, very pleasant, aged for the time necessary to ensure that the youth of the freshly distilled anise leaves room for aromaticity and bottled with the most modern techniques, ANISETTA MELETTI is a transparent and sincere liqueur, a typical specialty of the Marche region of worldwide renown . The Meletti family still keeps the original recipe and guarantees the tradition of one of the oldest liqueur companies in the world. Excellent aromatic intensity.


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Serving suggestions

Meletti Anisetta is loved for its versatility. Inimitable and satisfying if drunk alone, it can also be enjoyed on the rocks, with the fly (3 roasted coffee beans immersed in a small glass), iced, excellent for ennobling coffee, for perfuming desserts or enriching fruit salads. As an aperitif diluted with ice water or soda. Become the protagonist of cocktails and long drinks to amaze friends or guests of a social event.